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Agriculture that is inclusive, competitive and sustainable across Africa

Vision & Mission

AgriMentor’s mission is to create unique value-adding solutions for farmers and value chains across the continent through its comprehensive network of high quality Africa-based service providers,there by helping to equip the sector to overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing economic, social, technological and climatic environment to fulfil its potential.


AgriMentor is an association of professionals working in multi-disciplinary fields, mainly related to agriculture.We provide a range of professional services to farmers, rural communities, agri-businesses, industrialists, government and non-governmental agencies in areas Including :
• Strategy Development
• Policy Analysis & Development
• Value Chain Analysis & Development
• Smallholder Development
• Project Planning & Establishment
• Marketing Guidance & Market Research – Local and International
• Agricultural Finance & Development Finance
• Project Monitoring & Evaluation
• Environmental Planning & Impact Assessments

Agriculture Consultancy

Environmental Assessments

Research & Surveys

Marketing Guidance

Strategy Development

Project Management

Sourcing together expertise in agriculture

StrategyMentor Strategies are developed for a range of conditions and situations. In the past, our associates have distinguished themselves in the dimensioning and placement of a number of highly successful agro-industrial and other businesses.
ProjectMentor We are in a unique position to develop agro-industrial projects for a wide range of conditions to produce products of high value and ensure maximum profitability and long-term viability. Contacts are established with financial institutions to fund projects.
EnviroMentor We analyse the impact of new developments on the agricultural sector and provides guidance to property developers, mining houses, civil engineering companies and environmental impact assessors.
MarketMentor Market information is collated, opportunities are identified and market contact details are provided. This includes providing details of local and international production, consumption and trade, as well as forging viable market contacts. We are experienced in unlocking local and international markets for specialised products.

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