With its network of contacts, AgriMentor can provide access to local and international markets for specialised products. This includes the provision of detailed market information on local and international production, consumption and trade.

Market analysis

• The compilation of marketing plans and strategies
• The identification and development of local and regional markets
• Market research in both local and regional markets

Marketing actions

• Assistance with the preparation and printing of high-quality stationery, marketing and packaging material, including language editing, translations (Afrikaans, English, French, Portuguese, among others), design, layout, printing, etc.
• Assisting businesses with planning below-the-line-advertising and alternatives to run-of-the-mill advertising and stereotyped advertising practices.
• The design of websites, writing of newsletters, participation in exhibitions, organisation of promotions and other marketing activities.

Export planning

• The identification and development of international markets.
• Market research of international markets, including sources of production, end-users, importers and exporters.
• Planning market access for South African exporters – supplying information on international exhibitions and financial support for overseas visits.
• Giving practical advice regarding export registration, export and import documentation, packaging requirements and phytosanitary requirements, among others.
• Assistance with applications and claims for government funding and grants for export and investment initiatives.

Examples of promising projects

Associates of AgriMentor have successfully dimensioned, planned and launched the following projects:
• A market research study was conducted for a medium-sized manufacturing company of field crop equipment. The Australian market was specifically targeted and an analysis was done of the size of the market, competitors were identified, prices were compared and certain proposals for accessing the market were made. The conclusion was that it was a viable market for most of the products that the company was manufacturing. Subsequent to the research, the company participated in an exhibition in Australia and potential partners are being evaluated.
• The first phase of an international marketing plan for a large organisation in the South African fresh produce industry was developed. The current situation was analysed and a strategy was developed to increase the organisation’s share in the local fresh produce industry.
• Market studies and ventures were established for the export of high-quality dates, pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, pecan nuts, tea, coffee, pyrethrum, natural gums, etc.
• Market studies have recently also been done on hazelnuts for the chocolate and nuts industries, bananas, flax and linen, fenugreek, aquaculture products, natural waxes, alternative vehicle fuels and fructose, among others.

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