Rural Development

• The involvement of local communities in viable projects.
• Assistance with the procurement of finance for agri-businesses.
• Structuring ownership in the form of co-operatives, community trusts and companies, among others.
• Land-use planning and analysis of alternative solutions.
• The development of institutional frameworks for project establishment.
• Supplying appropriate technology, machinery and equipment through which sustainable development can be enhanced.

Economic & Financial Analysis

• Evaluating projects, performing financial feasibility studies and monitoring and evaluating existing and potential agricultural projects.
• Determining the competitive advantages of production in certain target areas and countries.
• Compiling regional agricultural and economic development plans.
• Developing cost-benefit analyses and gross margin analyses for various agricultural enterprises.
• Utilising linear programming and sensitivity models and developing farming models to evaluate projects.

Recent Experience

• AgriMentor has just developed a large project for the upgrading of low-value strategic minerals of small producers in five African countries to ensure a large increase in price. Without this strategic intervention, small miners have, in the past, been deprived of the opportunity to create wealth at grassroots level, due to overexploitation by international buyers.

• AgriMentor has also recently succeeded in forging ties with foreign markets for the export of high-value products by the formerly lowly sisal industry. This was accomplished by means of new strategies to diversify crop outputs into much sought-after specialist products, such as inulin (specialist foods and energy drinks for sportsmen).

• AgriMentor has succeeded in diversifying sugar-cane production into various high-value products, even where there is only small-scale production of sugarcane.

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