Our highly skilled task force is experienced in identifying and dimensioning projects for various purposes, even where, on face value, it seems as if conditions are not viable. Decisions are based on new technology, assessment of market conditions and matching technology with other essential project components. AgriMentor is geared for implementing and managing a diversity of projects and offers access to novel technologies that provide a competitive edge to both new and existing businesses for the production and marketing of high-value products. The following components form part of the project development process:

Project planning

• Planning of agricultural, agro-industrial, agro-tourism, downstream-processing and value-adding projects.
• Initiating projects based on unique technologies and ideas in areas where few development opportunities exist.
• Conducting detailed viability and feasibility studies on a wide range of subjects not normally covered by other institutions.
• Providing assistance in the placement of projects in other southern African countries.
• Arranging visits to, demonstrations of, or contact with projects that have been successfully implemented.

Business planning & finance

• Preparing business plans, including the necessary documentation to be submitted with the application for investment funds.
• Structuring small and large agri-business ventures.
• Assisting with the procurement of project finance.
• Draft full financial proposals as part of bankable proposals.

Introduction of advanced technology

• Identifying and adapting new technology to new and existing projects.
• Assisting with the integration of new advanced technologies into projects.

Project implementation & management

• The placement of managers with applicable capabilities in the required fields.
• The implementation of agri-business projects.
• The management of important risk factors.

Procurement of capital equipment & production materials

• Assisting with the procurement of equipment and materials at favourable rates for use in project operations.
• Arranging access to a comprehensive database for most South African suppliers of equipment and services in the South African agricultural sector.

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